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Blue Track 23.5 km (Normal)

Open to public in December 2015, the Blue Track is a two-lane, one-way (counter-clockwise) asphalt surfaced track, 4.8 m wide and 23.5 km in length around Suvarnabhumi airport, with solar-powered lighting system for night riding.


With three Rest Areas every 5 km at Pole #150, #300 and #442, and a Samitivej Health Sub-Station just pass Rest Area 2, the Blue Track is perfect for any cyclists looking to enjoy a challenge. 

Purple Track 23.5 km (Fast)

With its distinctive color, the Purple Track was born as part of HHBL’s second phase re-opening in December 2017, thru widening the previously 4.8 m Blue-only track by another 3.8 meters.


The Purple Track answered needs of our hard core fans who wanted to push their endurance and speed limits, but was also concerned about the safety of their fellow cyclists.

1.5 km Cycling & Jogging Track

Opening as primarily a warm-up track for cyclists, it became a favorite place for bikers and joggers of all ages, with  elderly couples taking a stroll, parents cycling to keep fit, kids on bicycles testing their patience.


The track was closed in March 2020 for extensive improvements. We widened  track width from 2M to 5M, upgraded track surface to ‘soft-impact’ EDPM rubber, introduced slopes, and also a rest area.  We re-opened on Saturday, 5 September, 2020.

Please note that “SNAP” is required to access HHBL Main 23.5KM Track and cashless payments in commercial areas.

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The bike will be waiting for you! Online booking to be sure your bike is available. HHBL has bike rental services for those who visit our facilities. 

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