Social Responsibility Is Beautiful

Sky Wing

HHBL Sky Wing is an architectural design wonder where form and function co-exists beautifully. While serving its function to provide a shaded area for cyclists, Sky Wing is also becoming one of Thailand’s most eye-catching landmarks. 


Made of eco-friendly used recycled plastic water bottles (rPET), Sky Wing was engineered using a non-traditional inflatable system that provides advantage in transportation and simplicity in construction, taking only one day to complete. 

Sky Bridge

Designed to provide more parking space by connecting HHBL’s 1,530-car parking to AOT’s 3,500-car long term parking, the 1.4 km Sky Bridge also served as a warm-up track for cyclists, now converted to a temporary jogging track while we upgrade HHBL’s running facilities. 


At the long term parking end, a beautiful 100 meter 2% gradient spiral design challenges both cyclists and joggers. Also, standing 8 meters above ground, the Sky Bridge has magnificent views, perfect for a selfie.

Water Feature

Providing a balance of serenity against the busy backdrop of cyclists, the Water Feature takes our prime land facing the main road, turning it into a serene “water garden” where cyclist can walk and laze around in the evening to enjoy the quiet and beautiful surroundings.  

Gulf Pavilion

One of the first landmarks cyclists will see, the Gulf Pavilion acts as an information hub and a place where cyclists and patrons, on their way into HHBL, can add money to their SNAP eWallet via top-up machines, perform some banking operations via ATM machine, and, for those unfamiliar with HHBL, browse thru a site map of our facilities.

Indorama Pavilion

Located in front of HHBL Kids Bike Park, the Indorama Pavilion offers a 360 sqm shaded area for parents enjoying the evening as their kids happily roam inside the kids track. The pavilion has also doubled as registration area for times when HHBL holds a large event.