A Remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility Project


Born as “Green Lane” on March 2014, the two-lane 23.5 km cycling track made use of an old access road bordering an irrigation canal on the edges of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Motivated by a duty to serve the public’s safety and well-being, Airports of Thailand’s purpose was to minimize frequent accidents involving cars and cyclists on nearby Suvarnabhumi Road 3, which runs beside the runway. In 2015, Airports of Thailand and Siam Commercial Bank, undertook a larger mission, and with the help of key Sponsors in 2016, turned it into the truly remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project “Happy and Healthy Bike Lane” as it is known today.

Green Lane

Born green in March 2014 as "just a two-lane 23.5 km track", "Green Lane" was nevertheless a unique project from the start, spearheaded by Airports of Thailand (AOT). Green Lane was quickly voted as one of the "World's best airport bike paths" by CNN Travel in October 2014.

Mar 2014

Siam Commercial Bank CSR Vision Begins

The vision was started by individuals with a fierce love and passion for cycling and an almost fiduciary obligation to share the joy of cycling with as many people as possible, sparking the start of a remarkable CSR vision by Siam Commercial Bank.


Sky Lane

Reborn as "Sky Lane" on December 2015 with the upgraded signature Blue Track, and SNAP technolgy for track access control. In addition, a much needed 1530-car parking lot, on-site restroom, and three rest-areas inside the track.

Dec 2015

Sponsors Support & Facilities Expansion

With Sponsors support, the vision to create a safe, happy & healthy environment for kids, families and communities came together in 2016. New facilities included a Kids Bike Park, Health Stations, separate Purple (Fast) Track, large bike-friendly common areas, food, bike and services shop.


Happy & Healthy Bike Lane

His Majesty the King bestowed the name "สนามลู่ปั่นจักรยานเจริญสุขมงคลจิต", and graced the inauguration of "Happy and Healthy Bike Lane" on 23 November 2018.

Nov 2018

Future Projects

Continuing to expand the original vision, create a world-class safe, happy & healthy facility for the public, and a truly remarkable corporate social responsibility project.


Our Promoters

Having the bold vision to create a world class and truly remarkable 
Corporate Social Responsibility project for the people in Thailand

Airports of Thailand

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) is a Thai publicly listed company, managing six international airports in Thailand. In 2018, it was also the most-valuable airport operator by market capitalization in the world.

Siam Commercial Bank

Thailand's oldest bank, Siam Commercial Bank was founded as the "Book Club" in 1904, and established on 30 January 1906 by Royal Charter as the first Thai bank. A Thai publicly listed company, SCB remains the country's largest and most valuable bank.

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors who help to fulfill the CSR vision to build a word-class public facility for, kids, parents, families 

and communities to come together to bike & exercise for a happy and healthy life.